The Layered Bob Is Both Trendy and Classic

It has been said that the crowning glory of a woman’s appearance is her hairstyle. While we don’t completely agree, hair does form a “first impression” because it can be distinguished from a distance. The first close-up impression is a blend of proper makeup, the eyes, good posture and the effect of hair all working together.

Layered Bob Cut
Blonde with Short Layered Bob Hairstyle
Short Layered Blonde Bob
Not Layered
Brunette with Slightly Angled Bob and Spiked Bangs
Angled Bob w/ Spiked Bangs

The layered bob hairstyle provides a less severe “break” between facial features and the “frame” formed by any hair style. Layering a medium or short bob opens up a variety of styling options. Curly, wave or flat-ironed, your hair can be what you want it to be – all with the same cut and a bit of imagination.

Red chin-length bob picture

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